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When you go to add dimension to your flat lays, I have some tips and tricks! When everything in your flat lay is flat on the styling mat, your eye has nowhere to go. Dimension helps guide the eyes through your design, leaving it more visually interesting! If you want to see me go live through this process, head over to Olive & Oak's instagram account on their Education highlight! But without further adieu, here are my foolproof tricks! 

1. Elevate The Focal Point

Find the piece that you want to be the focal point of your flat lay and make sure that that piece gets elevated the highest. 

2. Use Acrylic Blocks

Use acrylic blocks to elevate your flat lay pieces. For example, my focal point piece will have 3 acrylic blocks under it, then other stationary pieces will have 2 acrylic blocks, others will have 1 acrylic block, and the rest lay flat on the styling mat. 

3. Be Sure To Level 

Make sure all the paper pieces are level. You know those envelope flaps that look gorgeous when opened up all the way (displaying the envelope liner)? If you put an acrylic block under the envelope, make sure to put an acrylic block under the flap too! The whole thing needs to be level with each other, otherwise your eye will go straight to the flap that is not being supported. Yikes!

4. Don't Be Afraid To Layer

Look at the flat lay photo above with the blue Louboutin shoes. When you incorporate trays or dishes and try to layer invites on top, things can get tricky because your paper goods will most likely not balance perfectly. Remember, we want the full invite on the same level. For that example above, I used two acrylic blocks to support the card on the styling mat and then placed one acrylic block on the tray to support the top portion of the invite. Now it is all on the same level and visually perfect! 

5. Add Some Florals

Florals are great to add dimension, texture, and color. My biggest tip with adding dimension with florals is add the ones you want, and then take one thing away. Sometimes we have the tendency to over use styling goods and florals which make it way too cluttered and the eye cannot focus. 

I hope you enjoyed these tips for flat lay styling like a pro!  

Elevate Your Flat Lay Photography

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