This Kit contains the following items for your creativity:

• Light Blue Linen/Sand Linen Styling Mat (26”)
• Dusty Pink Suede/French Grey Linen Styling Mat (26”)
• Black Heels (1 pair)
• Ceramic Set of 2 (1 set)
• White Invitation Set (6 pieces)
• Perfume Bottle (1)
• Silver Bride Rings (2)
• Silver Wedding Band (1)
• Silver Necklace (1)
• Black Ring Box (1)
• Tulle (1)
• White Ribbon (1)
• Vintage Stamps (10)
• Wax Stamps (5)
• Black Key (1)

Rules for Renting this Kit
1 - You will have 7 days from arrival to use this kit. A return shipping label will come inside the kit for returning it back to Olive and Oak. A late fee of $25/day will be charged starting after 7 days. Will allow 3 days for shipping.

2 - If any items are missing from the kit, you will be charged for those items.

3 - If any items get damaged from the kit, you will be charged for replacing those items. Please no wearing of any of the shoes.

Simply return the kit after 7 days with all of the items intact and in great shape and have fun creating many amazing pics!

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